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Company: Insight Optics

Position: Founding CTO

Location: Atlanta, GA or remote

Compensation: $0k – $50k • 4.0% – 8.0%


Insight Optics is on a mission to change healthcare by preventing what's preventable. We have identified significant gaps between primary and specialty patient care, and we close those gaps by getting patients in front of the right healthcare providers more quickly and without adding undue burden on the health system.

Our initial focus is on eliminating preventable blindness as a result of diabetes and high blood pressure. We help primary care providers identify the early signs of macular degeneration and appropriately route their patients down the path to preventative eye care. More than 70 million people in the United States have diabetes or hypertension, while fewer than half ever see an ophthalmic specialist to help prevent a reduction or complete loss of vision.

Our Optoview platform has been well received by pilot physicians, and we're now looking for a technical lead to join our founding team and help us build a robust, scalable application architecture.

If you are interested in joining the team, you should have:


  • A strong desire to advance preventative health

  • Extensive experience architecting and building mobile applications and their respective back end infrastructure

  • Recruiting and leadership skills to build and grow a team

  • No fear of rolling up your sleeves and working on the codebase: we're still lean

  • Excitement at the idea of joining an early stage startup, including the challenges that come in such a rapidly changing work environment

Along with being a capable full stack engineer, we'll look for your guidance on how to integrate advanced R&D efforts into the Optoview platform. Further, you will work with our executive team to craft both product and organizational strategy.

Our current stack is Laravel PHP, JavaScript, Swift, and xCode. While intimate knowledge of all these frameworks is not required, familiarity with crafting a scalable tech stack, along with opinions on how to do so, is crucial.

Note: Must be based in the United States.


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