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Company: Kitt Labs

Position: Backend Developer

Location: Remote

Project Duration: 3 Months


About the job

We are seeking a skilled Software Engineer to join our team on a short-term basis to create high-quality content for Google Cloud certification training for (Google Professional Cloud Developer certificate). As a Software Engineer specializing in Google Cloud, you will play a key role in developing educational materials and resources that empower learners to excel in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification exams.



  • Research and understand Google Cloud Platform services, technologies, and certification requirements for Google Professional Cloud Developer certificate

  • Develop comprehensive training materials, including 8 pre recorded video tutorials, hands-on exercises, quizzes, and assessments, aligned with Google Cloud certification exam objectives.

  • Create engaging content that effectively communicates complex technical concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

  • Implement practical examples and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning and promote hands-on experience with Google Cloud technologies. These videos will be more backend focused.




  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.

  • Proficiency in Google Cloud Platform services, including Compute Engine, BigQuery, Kubernetes, and Cloud Storage.

  • Strong programming skills in languages such as Node.js, Typescript, python or go.

  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and deployment strategies.

  • Experience with backend development in a production environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to create educational content, instructional materials, or technical documentation.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex concepts clearly and concisely.

  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality work.

  • Self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal supervision.

  • Experience with Google Cloud certifications (e.g., Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect) is a plus.

  • Duration: 3 months


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Thank you for applying! We will be in touch if the company is interested in learning more.

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