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Company: Open Systems Technologies

Position: AI/ML/NLP Engineer

Location: New York, NY

Compensation: $150-200k

This role is hybrid.



  • Design, develop, train, and deploy AI models to solve business problems through a full development and production cycle in the FinTech domain

  • Evaluate and compare the performance of different AI algorithms and models

  • Utilize and improve ML Operations pipelines and procedures to ensure efficiency, scalability, and maintainability

  • Ensure the reliability, robustness, and scalability of ML models in production environments



  • An advanced degree (Masters, PhD) in a relevant technical field

  • 4-6+ years of experience as a hands-on data scientist or AI engineer in AI/ML/NLP fields

  • Understanding of Natural Language Processing techniques, including text classification, named entity recognition, and information extraction

  • Experience with Large Language Models, such as GPT-4, Liama 2, and other commercial or open-source models in production environment

  • Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in NLP, such as Python, and libraries/frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or spaCy and strong understanding of software engineering principles and best practices

  • Knowledge of NLP techniques, including text data preprocessing (tokenization, stemming, and text normalization, etc.) and information extraction (summarization, and question answering, etc.)

  • Knowledge of ML algorithms and statistical techniques, their limitations and implementation challenges

  • Experience with cloud platforms and distributed computing environments for NLP tasks, such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure

  • Experience with software development best practices, including source control (Git), CI/CD pipelines, testing, and documentation



  • Publications, conference talks, and/or patents in AI/ML/NLP or related fields

  • Experience with data visualization tools and techniques to effectively communicate and present findings

  • Experience with data transformation tool (such as dbt) and orchestration tool (such as Airflow)

  • Portfolio of personal projects on Github, BitBucket, Google Colab, Kaggle, etc.

  • Experience working in Finance or Financial Technology (FinTech)


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