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Company: PromptLayer

Position: Senior Fullstack Engineer

Location: New York, NY

🍰 PromptLayer is Hiring 🍰

PromptLayer is the first and largest prompt engineering platform.

We are taking a first-principles approach to AI. Prompt engineering is about writing English and communicating clearly. It doesn’t require a PhD in machine learning.

🗽 Our mission is to put subject matter experts (lawyers, psychologists, engineers, etc) in charge of prompt engineering for LLM-powered products.

🔥 We launched over a year ago. We ship fast and have over 9,000 users on our platform including teams like AppSumo, Speak, and Midpage. Real revenue.

🏔️ It’s hard to overstate how insanely revolutionary LLMs are, the have already upended most of the technology patterns we take for granted. We spend a lot of our time sharing knowledge and learning from the best cutting-edge LLM teams.

🎓 This is the ground-floor. PromptLayer works with the community to define LLM best-practices through exciting events, content, and integrations.

There is so much left to build, and we need your help.

You will be working with:


Looking for a senior full-stack engineer.



  • 🚢 Hunger to ship… and ship fast

  • 🏎️ Experience working on fast-moving engineering teams (3+ years)

  • 🎨 Eye for design & ready to make product decisions on the fly

  • ✍️ Ability to take initiative, lead projects, and architect systems

  • 🗽 Live in NYC or willing to relocate


Technical stack:

  • React / Tailwind

  • Python Flask

  • Postgres & devops stuff



Portfolio projects recommended.

Our first meetup with 120 engineers in NYC

PromptLayer Meetup.jpeg


Upload File

Thank you for applying! We will be in touch if the company is interested in learning more.

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