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Meet the team


Benjamin Francis, CEO


Before cofounding Molerat, Benjamin was an independent consultant to software startups, where he started connecting friends to companies and tinkering with the tech that would develop into Molerat. Previously, he worked as chief of staff at Burning Glass Technologies, a software company in Boston. Benjamin served in the Navy after college, where he was a junior officer on the submarine USS ALASKA. (He hasn't been to the state of Alaska yet, but it is a lifelong dream.) He graduated from MIT and has been a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech.


Austin Edelman, CTO


Austin, more commonly known as Austin from Boston, loves board games, sports and novels about law. He most recently found that he loves playing or losing chess games to strangers in Harvard Square.

Professionally, Austin worked in medical research labs since he was in high school and continued after college as a software engineer for a medical device company. 

Semi-professionally, Austin helps run the MIT Reality Hack hackathon, which is the VR/AR industry’s hackathon, where he enjoys giving people an answer to the question, what do I want to do with my life and who do I want to do it with?


Emily Francis, CMO


Emily graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with an MBA in 2019, where she studied marketing and general management. After graduating, she worked at Walmart as a Senior Manager in Men’s Apparel. Emily left her job at Walmart to cofound Molerat, where she serves as the CMO. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, going on hikes, and rooting for her Alma Mater, the Georgia Bulldogs.

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